About Me

My name is Mark Gramson and I live with my wife and family in Epsom, Surrey. I’ve owned pets most of my life and currently share my home with our Tibetan terrier.

Mark Gramson

Welcome to Transport4PetsUK! My name is Mark and I live in Epsom, Surrey with my wife and children. When I’m not delivering pets I like to take my Tibetan Terrier for walks in the local parks and countryside.

Before starting my pet transport business I worked as a London black cab driver. Naturally this means I’m used to driving long hours and I have excellent geographical knowledge of the UK, particularly London and the South East. My hobbies include fishing and spending time with the family.

The Transport4PetsUK mission is to offer a quality and reliable pet transport service to those in the UK. I transport customers pets with the same care that I treat my own dog.